Features to Consider Before Buying a Neck Massager

The more we hunch over our phones and stare at our computer screens the more stressed out our necks become.

Luckily there is a range of neck massagers that can help ease up the muscle tension in our neck and shoulders.

The best neck massagers come with certain features that set them apart from the rest. Here are some of the features you should consider before choosing the best neck massager for your own needs.

Relaxation vs TriggerPoint Release

Not all massagers are created equal.

Electric shiatsu massagers are more for relaxation purposes and deep tissue massage.


Therefore, if you need a form of stress relief, or even if you suffer from tension headaches, anxiety or depression this would be the more ideal option.

Some devices also target trigger points and knots which offer a more intense level of massage.

These tools are mostly manual massagers but they can also come in the form of an electric massager.

Those who suffer from chronic pain, or have a sports-related injury can benefit greatly from a trigger point massage.

Massager Versatility

Some massagers target specific areas such as the neck, while others are multifunctional and can offer pain relief for the shoulders, back, arms and legs.

If you want a massager that can be used on various body parts other than the neck, you’ll need a more versatile device.

Massage Type: Shiatsu, Trigger Point Relief, Deep Tissue

Since there are so many assortments on the market today, the specific type of massager you select will depend on the issues you are experiencing.

Consider whether you want a manual device, which means you’ll have to physically manipulate the machine in order to massage the area and control the intensity of the device.

You can opt for a Percussion Deep Tissue Muscle Massager which delivers rapid movement to an area during short intervals.


These are good for muscle recovery since they target trigger points which might be hard to target with a manual device or human hands.

Another selection to consider is a shiatsu massager, which is best for relaxation since it works out tension in the muscles.

It is also an efficient selection if you suffer from sleep disturbances, headaches, anxiety and stress.

Heating feature

Heat therapy has been known to help with muscle spasms, stress and tension, muscle stiffness and even stimulates blood flow.

So, if you are experiencing these symptoms you can benefit from a massager that comes with a heating function.  



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